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Netball Knicks

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The classic netball under garment. Our Netball knicks offer a high degree of comfort through our endless fit refinement over the 30 years we having been making Netball Briefs. Coupled with the use of high quality moisture wicking fabrics which moves moisture away from the skin our netball knicks will allow you to perform at your best all game long. Netball Knicks are available in either Hyper Elite Sublimated style or Elite Paneled style.

  • Option for completely unique and custom designed Netball Knicks – developed just for you by one of our in house internationally qualified sports fashion designers
  • Incorporates high performance imported sports fabrics that are breathable, encourage blood circulation and provide muscular support
  • In the Hyper Elite range you have the choice of any combination of colours which we will create from our Italian dyes and Inks
  • In Elite range you have choice of from our wide range of our standard colours.
  • Manufactured completely in house by our Energetic production team
  • Engineered for unrestricted movement and chaffing minimization

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Contact us today to discuss the delivery times for your dress. Our lead times vary between 1 to 4 weeks depending on workload and order size. We have some of the shortest delivery times available and always aim to have your dress to you by game day!

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